kelly jocoyKelly Jocoy has re-emerged as great addition to the L.A. music scene after fifteen years of working in another field. He was a big favorite in the San Diego music scene.  It all started in high school where he played in the San Dieguito Jazz Band along with Peter and Tripp Sprague, Rob Schneiderman, John Leftwich, and Mark Lessman. Shortly out of high school he joined up with the Sprague’s, Lessman, Nathan East, and Fattburger percussionist, Tommy Aros to be a part of Rob Schneidermans Manzanita and recorded the album “Pirate Lady”.

Kelly went on from there to work with various bands including Peter Spragues “Dance of the Universe” and a group that included Hollis Gentry, Jeff Rue, and Butch Lacy.  He didn’t limit himself to just jazz, there was a run with one of the city’s best dance bands, “The People Movers”.

Kelly left San Diego in 1985 to embark on an adventure in the world of high finance and has re-emerged with a wonderful CD called “Verities” which you can check out on the Music Page.